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Family Movie Night - 2023
"Night at the Museum" at Chunky's Cinema & Pub
Don't want to make dinner?  No school on Tuesday?  Want a fun family night out?  
The PFT has the answer for you!  

Join us on Monday, March 13, 2023 at the Chunky's Cinema and Pub on Huse Road in Manchester, for a Family Dinner & Movie Night Out featuring the 2006 classic, Night at the Museum

Doors open at 5pm and the movie begins at 6pm.  
Arrive early to pick out your seats, hang with friends, order your popcorn and meal, and get settled in for the movie!

Due to town voting, there is no school the next day, so no worries about homework or getting the kids to bed on time!
Register below, admission is $5.50 per person.

Capacity is limited to 150 people, Ticket Sales will close on Sunday, March 12 at 10pm if capacity is not met.

Family Movie Night Featuring:

Click Below to View Chunky's Menu:

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