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Penny Wars

Monday March 18 -

12pm Friday March 22!!!!!


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 We Declare a PENNY WAR!


Add penny coins and dollar bills to your classroom jar to add points for your class, place silver coins to other class' jars to subtract points from their class.  If the coins are rolled, an additional 50 points will be added (or subtracted from the total).

The class that has the most points after 12pm on Friday March 22 th will be declared the winner on Monday March 25.

The winning class will get to keep the total of their jar to do with what they decide!

This is an in-school only event, no parents will be admitted to put coins in jars.

Look for a Sign-Up Genius soon for Jar monitor and Coin Counter Volunteers!

Adding Points

$1 Bill
$5 Bill
$10 Bill
$20 Bill

+1 Point
+100 Points
+500 Points
+1000 Points
+2000 Points


-5 Points
-10 Points
-25 Points

Subtracting Points

Rolled Coins?  
Add (or Subtract) 50 extra points

First Day 1.JPG
Last Day.jpg
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