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Annual Membership Drive
For $10 per Maple Avenue Elementary School family, you will have voting power in PFT meetings, emails.  When you participate in the PFT Membership Drive, you will be included in all PFT email updates and volunteer opportunity requests.  This contribution to the PFT, as well as participation in other events throughout the year, allows the PFT to support our school in these and other different ways:


  • Provide Staff with a stipend to purchase classroom supplies, meaning families do not get a supplies list!

  • Subsidize the costs of field trips, making those special events less expensive for you!

  • Subsidize Enrichment Activities & Programs.

  • Assistance in playground equipment upgrades and maintenance.

  • Support for the Thanksgiving Feast, a Maple Avenue tradition.  A family-style meal all students attend just before the Thanksgiving holiday break.

  • Scholarships for student’s summer activities. 

  • Staff Grants for programs that can benefit the Student Body & School

  • Fourth-grade Breakfast, a celebration of our graduating fourth graders on their last day at Maple Avenue!


As a Thank-You for your contribution to the Maple Avenue PFT, you will be emailed a copy of the 2022-2023 Maple Avenue Elementary School Student Directory after the end of the Membership Drive.  Your student will not be included in the directory, nor will you receive a copy, unless you fill out the form below.

In the form below, please select any of the scheduled PFT events that you might be interested in assisting in planning or volunteering for.  The PFT will email you when it is time to start planning the event.

Membership to the PFT is $10 per Maple Avenue Family.  $0.75 has been added to cover PayPal Fees.


The Membership Drive is open until 8 pm, Friday, September 30th, 2022.

Maple Avenue PFT 2022/2023 Membership Drive

More than three students? Email your additional student's names and teachers at

I am Interested in Volunteering for:

Thank you for becoming a member of the Maple Avenue PFT!​Your 2022-2023 Student Directory will be e-mailed to you in October!​You will soon be getting emails about PFT Meetings, Events, and Volunteer Opportunities. Stay Tuned!!

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